Run My Own Exchange Servers? No Thanks!

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In discussions on whether to move to Office 365 or run on-prem, consider this….having been responsible for running Exchange servers for multiple customers and it’s not fun.

  • Firstly you have to have the infrastructure, keep it up to date and ensure it’s running in tip-top condition. This likely requires multiple technical staff as there is compute, storage and networking involved
  • Then there is the Exchange skills and some of it is not easy, especially when something goes wrong
  • Add in a dash of patching and you’re cooking
  • Speaking of staff, you have to find them, keep their skills up to date and retain them. If your SLAs dictate 24×7 uptime, you’re into multiples
  • Then there is….gulp… backup and retention. Depending on the numbers of mailboxes you’re backing up, brick level may not be possible which means lengthier restores when needed….and then there is media management and all that money you’re spending with vaulting services such as Iron Mountain.

Moving to Office 365 relieves the majority of these challenges and who better to run it than the vendor. Sure you have to have technical staff that understands the environment and how it integrates to your back office (Active Directory etc.) but, it’s so much easier and significantly cheaper! Throw in the included Office Desktop products and you’re going to save a bundle, in addition to not having to deal with EULAs etc…..and it’s always on, 24×7!

So Microsoft Cloud doesn’t sound so bad now huh? Talk to NJA today and start your planning for migrating to Office 365, we’re here to help!

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