Microsoft Office 365 Migrations

Microsoft Office 365 Migration Services

Microsoft Office365 is the pinnacle in office productivity tools, whether you’re a new user or migrating an entire environment, NJA can manage the entire process for you.

  • Managing a Microsoft Exchange server is difficult and supporting a 24×7 operation with large numbers of mailboxes can be unwieldy and troublesome. Whether the existing messaging environment is Exchange, Lotus Notes/Domino, Groupwise or other messaging service, migrating to Microsoft Office 365 can provide several benefits:
    • Elimination of the need to own, host and manage a Messaging infrastructure. The TCO for self management is often unknown or underestimated, aside from the physical Compute, Storage and Networking infrastructure, staffing requirements can be very costly, especially when operating in 24×7 environments.
    • Simplification in Enterprise User Licensing agreement (EULA) management. Most of the Microsoft Office desktop products are included in the Office 365 licensing, including Word, Excel and Powerpoint. Specialty software products like Microsoft Project or Visio are available on a per-user basis
    • Automatic software updates and patching, reducing the risk of being exposed by known software vulnerabilities
  • Document and Records management can be achieved in several ways, by migrating to Microsoft Office 365 and utilizing Microsoft SharePoint can provide many benefits including:
    • Microsoft SharePoint on-premesis requires product licensing, infrastructure and management. Migrating to Microsoft Office 365 provides access to the latest version of Microsoft SharePoint without additional cost.
    • Highly configurable to meet process and user experience requirements
    • Flexible user access management capabilities
    • Existing Document and Records management or document repository can be replaced without additional cost, resulting in savings for infrastructure, licensing and support
    • Access to several out-of-the-box templates to provide a customized user experience
    • The framework to custom develop sophisticated applications upon the existing SharePoint framework
  • Utilizing Microsoft Azure Active Directory in addition to or as a replacement for on-premises Active Directory

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